What Does a Research Proposal Tell the Instructor?

A proposal Tells a Little More about the Research

The essence of a research proposal lies in its content. When writing your project, you need to focus on the information you want to share, and these elements will guide you on what to include. It will help you to show your instructor why you chose to focus on your research area. There are many things that you can include in your research project, but, you must know your content to ensure you meet their expectations.

A research proposal is a document presented at the end of a research project to give an overview of the research area. It helps the instructor decide what to evaluate. A research proposal provides an overview of your work. Therefore, if you do not know your area of focus, a proposal will show you what you need to do.

Your topic’s purpose determines the urgency of your proposal. If you have questions about how your topic can be useful to your field, you should start with a research proposal. You may have to redraft your proposal if you do not have the right content to include in your project.

The purpose of writing a proposal is to ensure that your instructor is convinced that you know what you are doing. It also helps you know if you have done the right research. It also allows you to know if you have completed your research in the right time.

Here are some of the things you should include in your research proposal.

Evaluation of your Discipline

Your instructor will first read your proposal before deciding whether to review it or not. They will read your proposal to see if the concepts you have discussed are relevant and current in your discipline.

Use of Current Research

Use of current information allows your instructor to know what will be explored in your research project. It allows them to gauge the relevance and significance of the project. They may need to go back to other researches to check what your project adds to their area of focus.

Use of the Literature Review

The literature review is an important aspect in your research because it reviews what has already been researched. Your teacher will know how and when they can make use of the information. Therefore, the role of literature review will include:

Providing Facts

Your instructor will assess the theoretical nature of the content you have drafted. Before providing hard facts in your writing, you must confirm what you have written in your research project. It will determine the credibility of your content.

Provide Insight into What is Missing

Your instructor will find a lot of gaps in current research. This makes it hard to answer their research questions. In addition, they may need to look at any gaps in your research and eliminate them.  

Purpose of the Research

Your study will have a particular purpose. Your study aims to help solve a particular problem in a particular field. If you are a social scientist or an environmental scientist, your focus on the study will be broader than those in a business or a science field. Research to do more and improve those areas.

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