In the course of research for a bachelor thesis one often reads a certain sentence: “The bachelor thesis is the first extensive scientific work in the study”. But what does scientific work actually mean? Wikipedia provides a handy definition: “Scientific work describes a methodical-systematic approach in which the results of the work are objectively traceable or repeatable. This means sources are disclosed and experiments described as being reproducible. “

As a result, there are some overarching questions that you should always be aware of when doing scientific work: What is the basis of your conclusions? Which facts and research results of other scientists do you refer to? How do you develop your own performance from this? To work scientifically, following a methodology and accurate planning is extremely important. A structured approach to the bachelor thesis facilitates writing and helps to avoid inefficient repetition of work steps.

Methodology in scientific work

The goal of a bachelor thesis is not just a thematic result. It is of great importance to your supervisor at the university that you can establish an orderly chain of reasoning leading to a concrete conclusion. To achieve this, you can orient yourself at four points:

Problem definition: The topic, which you choose for your bachelor thesis, must be suitable for a scientific investigation. Is there enough literature to refer to? Why is the topic relevant? A completely new and creative topic is indeed topical, but you must not forget that your work should be based on a current state of research. This can theoretically be low, and be expanded by your own research of you. However, there is a risk here that you are working too little with trustworthy sources, and therefore not scientifically. For a comprehensive scientific analysis of a novel topic, the bachelor thesis is therefore only of limited suitability due to its smaller size. Pick up such topics best for the master thesis or doctoral thesis.

Key question: What do you want to find out in the bachelor thesis? This is a fundamental question at the beginning of the bachelor thesis. The answer to this question and its explanation at the end of the bachelor thesis are essential for a scientific work. In the main part you guide the reader through structured argumentation to your conclusion.

Current state of research: Working scientifically means working in an objectively comprehensible way. You analyze the current literature and publications on your topic. What results have other researchers achieved? Are these consistent or are there different scientific positions on your topic? Based on this, you can explain and justify your results.

4 common mistakes in a scientific paper

Missing Own Performance

A common mistake is that students put together many quotes without putting them into their own context. In a scientific bachelor thesis the topic has to be analyzed, not just a reproduction of the available material collection. This means that you evaluate the quotes used critically and evaluate their own theses.

Use of non-scientific literature

In a scientific work it is natural to use scientific literature as well. This means that the literature was read by experts before publication, as is the case in textbooks, journal or journal articles. Articles from daily newspapers are more likely to be avoided. You can find scientific articles especially in licensed databases. The advantage here is that you always have access to the latest scientific publications.

Formal mistakes

Even scientific literature must be considered carefully if you want to quote a passage of text. Is it the opinion or the result of the author? Or is he referring to another researcher himself? In any case, quote the original source.

In addition, scientific work also means to attach a structured and error-free bibliography to the work. If this is incomplete or not uniform, it can quickly come to point deductions in the evaluation of your bachelor thesis.

Linguistic weaknesses

Working scientifically does not mean forming “swollen” dwarfish sentences. The ability to formulate accurately and understandably express what you want to say is an important evaluation criterion of your bachelor thesis, if you have problems here, you should think about using a professional proofreading for your bachelor thesis or early friends, family or Contact fellow students. Too much specialized vocabulary can be disturbing in the Bachelor thesis. In addition, the professional vocabulary or abbreviations used are to be explained before the first use when writing the text. In addition, colloquial expressions should of course be avoided. This applies to scientific papers in German as well as English.