Find Out What Kind of Essay is Often Served by the Term Research Paper

What Makes Up Research Proposal

All the essays you write as a college student will come in a variety of formats and styles. The type that is often presented in the writing process will depend on the subject matter of the essay.

A research proposal will vary depending on the specific requirements to be met. These include;

  • The scope of the research
  • The implications of the research in its particular field
  • The analysis approach to be used
  • Research methods to be applied

Some of the traditional essays like the standard research paper and term paper have evolved to the specialized form we have come to know as research proposal. It covers several in-depth components that your instructor expects from you.  

What to Include in the Submission

The proposal’s introduction forms part of the content you present in your writing. You should consider ensuring that the introductory paragraph is brief and on point. Your instructor does not want to get lost in your dissertation because you had to offer too much information about your research. Besides, they do not have the time to go through a thousand pages of a proposal. 

The proposal’s body should cover the detailed sections of your dissertation. Your primary objective is to state the challenge you have encountered in a structured and orderly manner. An outline is part of the proposal because it captures the specific information you will include in each section of the dissertation. A useful outline is presented below: 

  1. Introductory paragraph
  2. Literature review
  3. Explanation of the problem statement
  4. General summary of the objectives of the study
  5. Study design
  6. Limitations

How to Create a Quality Research Proposal

The drafting of a magnificent research proposal is not as complicated as it sounds. Here are some tips to help you come up with a compelling composition.

Read the Guidelines Guideline Accurately

Your instructor wants to get an honest opinion of the research problem you are proposing to tackle. Do not be the student who gives inaccurate data. Use the outline provided by your instructor to give a comprehensive presentation of your assignment. Furthermore, make sure you follow all the instructions given. 

Ensure that Your Writing Is Professional

A research proposal is usually accompanied by numerous references that can be used to support your writing. You can choose to use referencing services such as Google Scholar to ensure your document is formatted correctly. Use the citation style recommended by your instructor. The last step before handing in your research proposal is proofreading it to ensure it is free from mistakes and grammatical errors. You can also ask the assistance of professional editors to give it a professional touch. 

Be Unique

Only use generic or commonly used research material as references in your project. When using unfamiliar scholarly materials, be open to criticism from your instructor. You are improving your knowledge of the study subject and being evaluated for your dissertation. Be keen to respond appropriately to these critiques. 

A superb proposal follows a few simple steps that can make the creation of a winning dissertation. Remember that your instructor is evaluating your performance on paper. Therefore, maintain the quality standard throughout your research.

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